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Animated Typeface is a responsive and interaction-rich website showcasing VFS Digital Design students’ work in storytelling.


Initially, a website and the social hub, Giphy, was brainstormed to house all the animated gifs. Thus, a masonry layout was prototyped but was scrapped because it wartas unnecessary to animate the grid. The creative direction decided on was KISS (Keep it simple, stupid). Both the website and Giphy, reflected the department’s brand, hence proper copy was bounced around with the managing team. The Giphy page has only Chunk Five’s typeface but the other typefaces were not added to it; For long-term management, adding the animated typefaces to the website, uploading to Giphy, and tagging it within a 1 day turnaround was not feasible.

original template

Gifs initially embedded from Giphy lower performance

The website focused on faster loading gifs so measurement of speed was done with Google PageSpeed and GTmetrix. Google Analytics was monitored as well to ensure the proper user experience.

The social media strategy involved blogging on the community blog – OOMPH and Facebook sharing. Also, continual maintenance of the UX/UI was enforced as the site grew.