SWU Who?

I am a UX Product Designer based in Vancouver, Canada. I specialize in interaction design, front-end code, product thinking, typography, and hand-drawn illustrations. Activities I enjoy away from the computer are baking, reading, jogging and hiking. I am into experiences and if you don't find me doing the design and activities away from the computer, I will be travelling to absorb culture and facts.

I help individuals/companies use the best-fit design tactics for them in their product and marketing strategy to transform themselves into a user-centred transparent brand.

Spahetti Bird

The 411

Creativity and curiosity are what propels me to keep designing products everyday. My curiosity stems from learning science and psychology. I translate user resarch into QED (Quod Erat Demonstrandum) projects. I value building functional and intuitive interfaces that are easy to use and don't make users think. No matter what personal preference, unconscious behavioral response, or even constraint with accessibility; I aim to bring in the functionality for you, the users. My principles of good design are based on the usability experts: Jakob Nielsen, Dan Norman, and Steve Krug.