Vancouver UX Product Designer and Ethical Design Consultant who offers get things done mentality and je ne sais quoi components to fit your Venn model in collabs. Currently, on a consulting journey embracing sustainability, social impact, web3 privacy, and the mix.

Previously specialized in WordPress web UX/UI design & development, and have generalist experience with education marketing design, et. al.


Product Dino
Selected Projects
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hikeIt App

Group Social for Personal Growth and Wellness
Design Thinking + Collab (Passion Project)
Role: UX Designer, Ongoing
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Offline Thrift Shopping While On-the-Go
Web UX/UI + Sustainability (Passion Project)
Roles: Designer & Developer, 2018 - 2019

Visual and Word Playgrounds

Behance and Dribbble have (recent to past)
web UX/UI designs, experimentations, and illustrations.

Medium for long reads and for past habitual content writing.